Moving Tips

Man with a Van hire in London, UK

Tips for loading the van when moving or relocating

If you pack your goods carefully it helps keep them safe through the journey and also makes it easier to find things when you arrive at your destination. We’re happy to help you pack, or if you prefer to get everything ready yourself we recommend you follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for effective packing:

  • Pack items together for each room and label your boxes clearly.
  • As you pack, store boxes in the hallway or in rooms near the front door, so that they are close to the van.
  • Start by packing the items you use least often and leave the items you use the most until last.
  • Ensure that any boxes of things you will need on the day you arrive stand out from other boxes.

Simple guidelines for safe packing:

  • Keep boxes or cartons to a reasonable weight, if possible under 50 pounds so that one person can carry them.
  • Package fragile items carefully and only store fragile items (e.g. glass and crockery) in boxes, not in furniture, as it is sometimes necessary to turn furniture sideways when carrying it or for transportation in the van.
  • Provide plenty of padding to absorb shock.
  • Use boxes that are strong and do not bulge out or in. Ensure boxes are fastened shut.
  • As far as possible fill boxes as it helps strengthen them and optimises storage space, used scrunched up newspaper, other paper or towels to fill boxes if necessary.
  • Do not mix fragile and non-fragile items. Pack fragile items together and label the box fragile.